Paula Maldonado: “To draw is to continue a pending conversation…”

© Hummingbird Hut. Paula Maldonado. Pen, ink and watercolor with digital intervention. 2019.

In the words of the artist:

“For some time I have found myself living in Leticia, Amazon, where I have carried out creative workshops with diverse communities and participated in the development of experimental spaces and strategies for learning about indigenous thought and language. Presently, I am working with a research group that includes native artists and thinkers, upon an android game(app)for learning the Tikuna language

© Muu. Paula Maldonado. Digital Drawing, 2019.

…For me, “to draw” is to continue a pending conversation, a strategy to trick thought, a territory where I can exercise my right to appropriate myself and transform something in the world, however small it might be, a path, infinite and ever open towards the unknown…”

© Mawü. Dialogues with Yuca. A digital drawing which refers to a performance under the same name in the Museum at the Colombian National University Bogota. Paula Maldonado. 2018.

Paula Maldonado studied Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and earned a Master’s in Aesthetics and history of the Paris 8 (Saint Denis Université) with the thesis, “Clichés de América, la impresión de los imaginarios del poder” (Clichés of America. Printing of the Imaginaries of Power). She has worked as a teacher, researcher, curator and coordinator of seminars and workshops in different settings. She is particularly interested in the multiple links between art and cosmopolitics, Latin American art, anthropology of images, postcolonial studies, community-based pedagogy, and transdisciplinary and collective creation.

Language Revitalization Collective Projects – Colombian National University Amazonia

Native Languages Lecture Series: Language is Spirit.
Colombian National University Amazonia. February 10, 2018.